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Puppy Kindergarten Classes
Socialization, Problem Solving, and Basic Manners

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Puppy Kindergarten Curriculum 
Puppy Kindergarten classes will help socialize your puppy to other people other puppies, and common situations. Proper socialization at a young age is essential for a well-adjusted adult dog. Classes will also include problem solving techniques tailored to the concerns of the puppies in each individual class. There will be handouts available with information on most basic problem solving skills. The basic puppy manners taught are sit, stay, down, come, and loose leash walking. These skills are the foundation that all puppies need to become well behaved canine citizens.

Puppy Kindergarten Requirements

All puppies must be vaccinated against Rabies, DA2PPv, and Kennel Cough. This is to keep Puppy Kindergarten a safe, happy environment for all. Please have a flat buckle leash, a harness, or a head collar, and a leash no longer than 6 feet. No Flexi leashes please. Treats are also needed for reward based training, and a hungry puppy is recommended so he or she will be further motivated to work.

Call to register and reserve your space in our next class now.  Space is limited and classes fill quickly.




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