White Haven Veterinary Hospital

88 State Route 940
White Haven, PA 18661



Welcome to the Pocono Pet Lodge!  Whether it’s for one day or several days, your pet is our special guest while staying with our trained and caring staff. 


Standard Pet Boarding

We offer separate accommodations for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and pocket pets. For your pet’s protection, your pet will not have physical contact with other dogs or cats during their stay, unless they are from the same household.

Canine Indoor only run: $34.00 per night and $17.20 for an additional canine (sharing the same run)

Canine Indoor/Outdoor run: $41.50 per night and $21.10 for an additional canine (sharing the same run)

Feline boarding: $23.20 per night and $12.10 for an additional feline (sharing the same space).  Ask to see our Kitty Cabin which houses from one to several cats from the same family!

Canine Boarding Requirements for Clients

We require all canine guests to have a negative fecal test within 25 to 30 days of boarding. If your pet is has been on a monthly heartworm preventative purchased from our hospital or your Veterinarian, such as Heartgard or Sentinel, the negative fecal requirement is extended to six months.

The following vaccines are required to be current for ALL Canine guests:

  • Rabies Vaccine
  • DA2PPV Vaccine or Titer
  • Kennel Cough Vaccine

If it is the first time your pet is receiving the Kennel Cough Vaccine, it must be given 7-10 days prior to the boarding reservation.

Canine Boarding Requirements for Non Clients

Proof of vaccines and a fecal which has tested negative for parasites must be provided by your veterinarian 21 days prior to check-in.

Feline Boarding Requirements

We require all feline guests to have had a negative fecal test within 1 year of boarding. The following vaccines are required to be current: Rabies Vaccine & FVRCP Vaccine or Titer

Proof of vaccines and fecal testing must be provided by your veterinarian 21 days prior to check-in.

Fleas & Ticks

We strive to have a parasite free environment.  Upon check-in your pet will be flea combed before being permitted into the kennel.  If your pet is found to have live fleas, ticks or flea dirt we require a form of a flea and tick preventative such as:   Capstar for dogs and cats, Simparica for dogs or topical Vectra for dogs.  These products are by prescription only and will require your veterinarian’s approval.  

 Medical Pet Boarding

We also provide medical boarding for pets requiring a greater degree of care, such as disabled, geriatric, diabetic and post-surgery pets.  Medications may be administered upon request at an additional charge of $3.60 per administration time.  If your pet requires medication, all medicines must be in their original container with the prescription labels attached. 

Emergency Care

Your pet’s safety is our number one concern while they are staying with us.  We require that all pets are in good health for boarding upon admission. If you’re pet becomes ill while you are away, rest assured that their medical needs will be taken care of.  In the event that your pet becomes ill during their stay, we will notify you and/or your alternate contact in regards to the illness and for authorization of veterinary services.   Your pet can be evaluated by one of our veterinarians or by a provider of your choice, assuming you can arrange transportation of your pet to the provider.  A letter from your veterinarian is required for re-entry into the boarding facility documenting that your pet is healthy and free of contagious disease.

In the rare event of a medical emergency threatening life, limb, or eye sight during your pet’s stay, we will do our absolute best to notify you and/or your alternative contact immediately.  In the event that we cannot reach you for authorization of care, your pet will receive emergency treatment by a veterinarian at White Haven Veterinary Hospital or at an affiliated emergency veterinary hospital, or both if needed.  The cost of veterinary services rendered to your pet are your responsibility and full payment is expected at the time of check-out.

Behavioral Problems

We do not accept pets with aggression problems under any circumstances. If you feel your pet may have an aggression problem that would prohibit them from boarding at our facility you may speak with our Kennel Manager, who will be more than happy to conduct an assessment and help make this determination.   If your pet cannot be leashed walked to the outside exercise area they may only be granted boarding in an indoor/outdoor run, where their exercise area will be limited to the outside run connected to their indoor run. 

 Food and Personal Items

We recommend avoiding sudden diet changes while boarding your pet to prevent digestive upset. Please bring enough food for your pet’s entire stay, plus allow a few extra days in case your trip is extended. In the event that you forget to bring food, we will feed your pet a sensitive stomach diet. In the event that your pet develops diarrhea, we do offer prescription bland diets at an additional charge. All pocket pets / exotic pets must bring their own food, water bottle and bedding. Pocono Pet Lodge will provide your pet with all of the comforts needed such as blankets and bedding.  If you prefer to bring your pet’s own bedding you may do so with the understanding that these may be soiled or damaged by your pet.  Please do not bring bones, rawhides, or any toys small enough to be swallowed, kennel attendants and management will not allow your pet to have these during their stay. Please put your pet’s name on all of their items with a sharpie, or permanent marker for identification. Pocono Pet Lodge is not responsible for any lost or damaged items during your pets stay. 


Dogs are taken outside in an enclosed fenced yard three times a day, 10 minutes at a time for exercise and elimination.  Pet owners may elect to purchase additional playtime for a nominal fee.

Cats and pocket pets receive companionship three times a day for meals, playtime and socialization.  You may also elect to have extended playtime for you cat(s) at an additional charge.


Dogs that stay 4 nights or longer receive a complimentary bath with towel dry OR may have their coat brushed the day before they check out of boarding.  We reserve the right to forgo this grooming if your dog shows aggression with grooming, is uncooperative at the time of grooming, or has significant matting of their hair coat. If for any reason your dog can not be bathed by one of our kennel attendants the Kennel Manager will give an explanation as to why and will be happy to answer any questions associated with this. Please note that we do have a Professional Groomer on staff, and if you know your pet may have difficulty with a bath or grooming you can elect to schedule an appointment. Be advised that you will need to indicate this to the CSR taking your reservation. Grooming appointments fill up quickly, and we cannot guarantee there will be availability for your pet if you attempt to book a grooming session the day you check in your pet for boarding.       


Tours of the Facility and Reservations

If you would like to arrange a tour of the facility (Monday through Friday 10am-5pm) or schedule a reservation for your pet, please contact us at 570-443-0966.  Our Customer Service Representative team or Kennel Manager will be more than happy to assist you!